AcadiaSoft and LIKEZERO team up for “smart” management of agreement data

AcadiaSoft announced that it will partner with LIKEZERO to provide trusted data services via Agreement Manager. LIKEZERO is a provider of data capture and contract analysis technology for complex financial contracts.

The partnership will help clients expedite agreement data capture and manage amendment processes while also reducing agreement-driven disputes by using standard data representation. With Agreement Manager, clients can extract, transform, and load legal data into the platform, allowing firms to fully integrate the solution with a minimal impact on their internal IT infrastructure.

Fred Dassori, chief product officer at AcadiaSoft, said in a statement: “Our goal at AcadiaSoft is to provide an interconnected framework for the industry that allows clients to manage legal agreements in a centralized location – bringing new value to what were previously siloed records with limited interoperability. This partnership with LIKEZERO will allow market participants to seamlessly digitize and access legal agreement data via Agreement Manager.”

Once a common record exists within a shared infrastructure, disputes between counterparties will be largely eliminated and allow for data-driven decision-making and event management. The standard data representation is made available to additional client-side applications from a controlled environment, resulting in a significant reduction in the friction that currently drives up costs.

“As the OTC derivatives market moves towards greater standardization and automation, our partnership offers clients the opportunity to transition to smarter contracts, where lifecycle events can be managed as data processes,” said Mike Lines, CEO of LIKEZERO, in a statement. “Our next generation data capture technology will offer two immediate operational benefits: a much lower cost of agreement data capture and a significant reduction in the cost of exceptions and disputes.”

Additionally, AcadiaSoft’s LIKEZERO partnership offers clients the opportunity to access broader contract analysis services. Clients can extend the data sets they capture from derivative agreements or use the service to solve a wide range of regulatory change challenges such as LIBOR transition, Force Majeure, Negative Interest and Brexit.


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