Amundi Technology taps Causality Link for ESG indicators

Causality Link announced that Amundi Technology, a provider of technology and services to asset managers and the savings industry, has selected Causality Link to provide insight into drivers of ESG investment performance. Amundi Technology is a business line of Amundi, the largest asset manager in Europe, with over $2 trillion in assets under management.

With the Causality Link platform, Amundi will explore the future potential ESG performance of companies, industries and other KPIs of interest. Insights from the platform will augment Amundi’s current offerings to asset managers and institutional investors worldwide with a real-time picture of global markets derived from millions of documents processed by Causality Link’s AI-powered platform.

In October 2020, Causality Link launched its version 2.0 platform update, including the introduction of over 150 key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to ESG in its ontology. Today, with its version 3.0 platform, Causality Link demonstrates an alert system that leverages these real-time detections to provide each user with a customized view of worldwide ESG events potentially impacting companies or industries of interest. As the first solution to employ natural language processing (NLP) to create real-time causal analysis, the Causality Link platform has pioneered the technology to identify the impact of sustainability factors and their causal interactions with fundamental business factors.

“The solution is leading the next wave of AI innovation that leverages technology to combine human knowledge from thousands of authors,” said Matthieu Keip, innovation lead for Amundi Technology, in a statement.

Describing the firm’s tech, Pierre Haren, CEO and co-founder of Causality Link, said in a statement that it blends “machine learning with symbolic AI to deliver understandable results that reduce the task of reading to just the essential information our customers need to be aware of, and aggregates in real time the results of thousands of authors into a coherent world view of the forces acting on the markets.”

Causality Link’s unique, AI-powered research platform extracts the knowledge contained within millions of documents and other text-based sources to provide investors and analysts with a unique perspective on companies, industries and macroeconomic drivers. By aggregating explicitly stated cause-and-effect relationships between market indicators and company key performance indicators (KPIs), the Causality Link platform provides clients with more significant, longer-lasting, less emotional and more precise insights and forecasts.


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