BoE Securities Lending Committee discusses diversity and ESG

Members noted the importance of encouraging gender diversity in industry panels, and discussed how best to encourage more women to participate in these. Some members noted that there is often an issue in making opportunities visible and that there should be a focus on communicating them effectively. This is also the case for promotion opportunities.
Members agreed that gender diversity in securities lending markets should continue to be addressed by the Committee and agreed to return to this topic regularly. Members also agreed to consider how the committee can promote practical changes in this area.

The chair noted that are different ways that firms approach ESG, and invited committee members to discuss.

Members discussed trends in sustainable investment, which seeks not only to have an economic return but also to have an impact on society and the environment. Investors will look at the ESG criteria of a business and their operations in order to inform their investment decisions.

The full minutes of the BofE’s Securities Lending Committee for September 2019 are available at

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