Finadium Conference NYC Investors in Securities Finance

A New Industry Event for Clients on Opportunities and Challenges in Securities Finance.

Finadium Investors
in Securities Lending Conference

April, 2018 | NYC

Leading industry participants have joined together to give institutional investors a fresh look on securities finance in a changing regulatory environment. This is not business as usual; instead, these events are an opportunity for investors and service providers to challenge and benefit from new ideas, and to improve their use of securities finance in their core asset management activities.


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Our agenda evaluates the current state of securities lending and places securities finance in the context of asset management.
What is it good for? Why get involved? What’s the best way to move forward?
See our preliminary agenda here.

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Book your Marriott Marquis hotel room at the special conference rate for the night of the event and all week for additional business.

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This event is free for qualifying asset owners, asset managers, insurance firms, and their consultants in securities finance and asset servicing. Individual tickets are not available. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

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