FISL NYC 2019 Agenda


7:30-8:30 Women in Securities Finance – open to conference and other attendees

Networking Event
Keynote speaker: Monique Boucher, Senior Legal Counsel, Fidelity Investments
“Career Development and the Importance of ‘Grit’”

8:30-9:45 Morning presentations – will run concurrently at 8:30 and 9:15

From Securities Lending to Securities Finance: An Evolution
For buy-side conference attendees

State Street Securities Finance

Francesco (Cesco) Squillacioti
Senior Managing Director
Global Head of Client Management

John McGuire
Managing Director
Global Head of Business Development

Performing in a Best-Execution World for Securities Finance and Treasury
For all conference and Women in Securities Finance attendees


Paul Calderone
Chief Operating Officer

Beyond Benchmarking: harnessing data and tools to optimize the true potential of a securities lending portfolio
For all conference and Women in Securities Finance attendees

IHS Markit

Melissa Gow
Executive Director, Securities Finance

Mark Klein
Director, Securities Finance Product

SEC data on mutual funds and ETFs in securities lending
For all conference and Women in Securities Finance attendees


Josh Galper
Managing Principal

9:45-10:10 Registration / networking break
10:10-10:15 Chairman’s welcome

Josh Galper
Managing Principal

10:15-11:15 Current dynamics in the securities lending industry

Drivers and impediments to securities lending today
Trends across client segments
The impact of low fee/no fee funds
Where the market is heading in the next 12 months

John Bilello
Managing Director


Keith Haberlin
Global Head of Securities Lending
Brown Brothers Harriman

George Rennick
Head of Agency Lending – Americas
Global Head of Client Relationship Management – Agency Lending
J.P. Morgan

Paul Wilson
Global Head of Securities Finance
IHS Markit

Bill Kelly
Global Head of Agency Securities Lending
BNY Mellon

11:15-12:00 Regulatory and bank funding update

Regulatory factors with the greatest bank impact to securities lending
Single Counterparty Credit Limits
Has the DTCC’s sponsored repo program benefitted bank balance sheets and could the same happen in securities lending
What the buy-side needs to know now about banks and balance sheet capacity

Gareth Jones
DTCC-Euroclear GlobalCollateral


Christel Carroll
Vice President
Goldman Sachs

Arianne Collette
Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

Glenn Horner
Managing Director
State Street

12:00-12:30 What’s happening in Europe and APAC?

Is China opening up at last?
SFTR, Brexit and the yield enhancement trade
Convergence or divergence with the US

Nic Roc

Tim Smith
Managing Director

12:30-1:30 Lunch and networking
1:30-2:15 Segment break-out sessions

Mutual funds

SEC modernization
Board disclosures for mutual funds
Fee splits and performance
What confuses mutual funds about securities lending

Monique Boucher
Senior Legal Counsel
Fidelity Investments

Elaina Benfield
Senior Counsel
The Vanguard Group

Pensions and Corporates

Non-cash collateral strategies for pensions
Separately managed account trends
Advantages for pensions in securities finance market structure

Betsy Coyne
Head of Client Management – North America
State Street Securities Finance

Insurance companies

Managing the dividend record date (DRD)
Interpreting NYS insurance rules
The current state of Peer to Peer

John McIntyre
Managing Director
PGIM Fixed Income

Amy Dunn
Executive Director
J.P. Morgan

Hedge funds

Shorting Tesla – how to do it
What’s the right structure for short-side exposure in today’s markets
Best practices in hedge fund financing
Tracking counterparty value in securities finance

Sam Pierson
Securities Finance
IHS Markit

Mark Spiegel
Managing Member
Stanphyl Capital

Artie DiRocco
Senior Advisor

2:15-3:00 Thematic break-out session 1 (concurrent)

Beginner track
How securities lending works
Participants, mechanics and revenue models

Dennis Riley
Co-Head of U.S. Relationship Management
Agency Lending
Goldman Sachs

Jim Keenan
Director, Investor Services

Intermediate track
Integrating data into the investment process

Stephanie Lo
Head of Quantitative Driven Research
State Street Securities Finance and State Street Associates

Nancy Allen
Global Head

Advanced track
What else can you do with an agent lender
The evolution of the agency lending business model

John Fox
BNY Mellon

3:00-3:30 Networking break
3:30-4:15 Thematic break-out session 2 (concurrent)

Beginner track
Best practices in running a securities lending program
Establishing and running an oversight committee

Marney McCabe
Senior Vice President – Head of Securities Lending Relationship Management
Brown Brothers Harriman

Intermediate track
Assessing counterparty risk across bilateral and CCP transactions in securities finance
Building out the CCP risk analysis model
What can the buy-side learn from the sell-side about CCP risk management?
Is indemnification still necessary on a securities lending CCP?

Scott Cowan
Head of Counterparty Risk
T. Rowe Price

Kurt von Uffel
Head of US Market Risk

Advanced track
Collateral optimization and securities lending

Bill Smith
Managing Director, Americas
J.P. Morgan

Olivier de Schaetzen
Head of Product Solutions

4:15-5:00 A walk through the value chain

What are perceptions of the value chain
What transparency is most useful for end-clients
Who benefits most from intermediation

Linda Benzi
Head of Securities Lending


Mike Pate
Manager, M&A and Strategic Initiatives
Western and Southern Financial Group

Patricia Hostin
Managing Director

Andrew Bass
Associate Director, Prime Services

Phil Prince
Partner, Head of Treasury
Pine River Capital Management

5:00-6:00 Reception


8:30-9:30 Closed door breakfasts

Investors using an agent lender

Hedge fund portfolio finance managers

9:30-10:15 Technology, operations and market structure

The rise of automated trading and proprietary algorithms
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in practice
The new importance of collateral trading
The break-even point for buy-side investment in technology

Louisa Li
Agency Lending


Obie Knapp
Global Head of Securities Lending Product Development
Brown Brothers Harriman

Jon Whiting
Global Head of Product Strategy
Securities Finance
State Street

Paul Lynch
Global Head of Products

Jerry Friedhoff
General Manager
Securities Finance and Collateral Management

10:15-11:00 The cash collateral investment environment

The market impact of higher interest rates
Secured vs. unsecured debt


Dov Zigler
Fixed Income Strategist


Eric Hiatt
Managing Director

Brad Fryer
Executive Director
J.P. Morgan

Brian Barnhart
Portfolio Manager

11:00-11:15 Networking break
11:15-12:00 Keynote

“Hubris: a macro view of today’s investment paradigm”
Guy Haselmann, Macro Strategist
12:00-12:15 Closing remarks and lessons learned

Josh Galper
Managing Principal

12:15-1:30 Closing lunch

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