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Global Investor ISF provides in-depth analysis of the latest news and events in the securities finance markets globally. Annual supplements provide insight into the latest developments in securities lending, repo, tri-party and synthetic finance. Our market-leading securities lending directory is also curated through our ISF brand, and provides you with the most comprehensive database of executives involved in securities finance globally.

Every week, Hedge Fund Alert delivers the fresh intelligence needed to identify money-making openings in the fund-management arena. The newsletter is recognized for routinely spotlighting key industry developments that haven’t been reported anywhere else.

IPE is the leading European publication for institutional investors and those running pension funds. It is published by IPE International Publishers Ltd, an independently-owned company founded in July 1996.

Securities Finance Monitor is a publication dedicated to investments, treasury and financing. We identify important news and contribute original research and analysis on these markets. Our content is directed towards an audience of banks, asset managers, asset owners, technology firms, regulators and other professionals with a demonstrated interest in our target markets.

Securities Lending Times is the go-to industry publication for free news, views and opinion on securities finance and collateral management.

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