Finadium: Decoding the US Regulatory Agenda on Securities Financing, Collateral and Leverage

In this report, Finadium reviews the next phases of US financial regulation in securities finance, collateral and leverage as identified by regulators and market participants. The result is a synopsis for financial market professionals looking to understand how the upcoming wave of regulatory decision-making will affect their businesses. We also provide insight into the drivers of new regulation and how those drivers are already changing as market realities unfold.

The past impacts of regulation are largely known, including dramatic liquidity fluctuations in US Treasuries and sharp reductions and/or price volatility for overnight US Treasury and Agency bilateral repo at quarter end. The time has come to look forward to see what US regulators are planning next. Some of these steps are continuations of the existing roadmap while others represent newer work streams. Financial regulations have continued to create new winners and losers as business models must evolve to meet regulatory demands. This report aims to provide an early look at the drivers of that process.

This report has been written for financial market executives looking for an overview of what comes next in securities finance, collateral and leverage. This report is part of the Finadium Executive Briefing series, providing briefings and analysis to the financial markets industry.

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