FINRA to focus on fully paid securities lending in 2015

From FINRA’s 2015 Regulatory and Exam Priorities Letter:

Securities-Backed Lines of Credit (SBLOCs)
SBLOCs are revolving, non-purpose loans that allow investors to borrow money from lending institutions using fully paid-for securities held in their brokerage accounts as collateral. FINRA has observed that the number of firms offering SBLOCs is increasing and is concerned about how they are marketed. They are now offered by a large number of firms and we see some clearing firms offering SBLOCs to retail investors via their correspondents. Proceeds are typically used to purchase a second home, luxury items or pay other expenses. Eligible securities collateralizing SBLOCs include stocks, bonds and mutual funds that are held in fully paid, cash accounts.

Broker-dealers offering SBLOCs should have proper controls in place to supervise these programs. Customers should be fully apprised of program features, including loan restrictions and how changing market conditions may affect their brokerage account and their ability to draw on the SBLOC. Moreover, firms should have operational procedures that enable them to interact with the lending institution to monitor the customer’s account, keep adequate records and ensure that customers are promptly notified when collateral shortfalls occur.

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