HazelTree Launches Comprehensive Collateral Management Solution

HazelTree, a leading US-based provider of integrated Treasury Management Solutions, is pleased to offer clients enriched functionality within its Collateral Management module. In an industry that is placing growing significance on counterparty risk, HazelTree gives clients the clarity and analytical firepower necessary to correctly identify and value OTC and repo collateral. HazelTree’s proprietary technology supports clients in maintaining liquidity and mitigating the risk of over- or under-collateralization, as well as reconciling positions and managing workflows to initiate calls or meet demands for collateral.

HazelTree CEO Stephen Casner, stated “Addressing our client’s needs for a complete Collateral Management solution enables funds to move from largely spreadsheet-centric models to a seamlessly integrated platform across all of their counterparties, reducing their risks and providing enhanced transparency to their investors.”

New features of the Collateral Management Solution include:

! Integrated SWIFT wire processing
! Robust Repo collateral control
! Dispute resolution
! Full accounting system assimilation

These enhancements reflect HazelTree’s ongoing commitment to maintaining its best-in-class integrated Treasury Management Solutions, ensuring that all critical requirements are addressed and in-line with the evolving regulatory environment and dynamic market conditions. In addition to providing its services independently, HazelTree solutions are available as part of the UBS Frontier Platform – a new offering designed to provide cost-effective integration of fund administration services for hedge funds.

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