IHS Markit integrates FinTech Studios’ AI engine into thinkFolio

IHS Markit announced an alliance with FinTech Studios to deliver market intelligence, research and analytics within its multi-asset investment management platform thinkFolio.

FinTech Studios’ Apollo.ai uses an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to curate content that is relevant to our users’ investment universe of interest. The application has been integrated into thinkFolio, providing enhanced, real-time decision support and discovery features to portfolio managers, traders and other cross-functional users.

Information is delivered contextually alongside users’ investment exposure data and active orders, so they can manage their portfolios and consume timely company and industry news and market data on the same platform and via a single workbench.

FinTech Studios collects information from millions of public and premium sources, including news, research, social media, blogs, regulatory, corporate and industry outlets. Information is indexed, tagged and translated from 42 languages to support discovery, analysis, research and idea generation.

The integration with thinkFolio utilizes deep-linking across modular screens to enable users to view the most recent news and financial data related to a specific issuer, industry or asset class. Users can also create customized personal channels that curate content according to their consumption preferences and investment domains of interest.

“The partnership with FinTech Studios brings interoperable, actionable news and market intelligence to thinkFolio clients exactly when and where they need it,” said Brett Schechterman, managing director and global head of thinkFolio at IHS Markit, in a statement.


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