Pirum introduces shape exceptions to minimize SFTR/CSDR impacts

As firms grapple with finalizing the implementation of SFTR (Securities Financing Transactions Regulation), Pirum has been working with clients to enhance its post trade services to help minimize regulatory impacts.

The first enhancement will be to the Overnight and Real-time Contract Compare services with the introduction of ‘shape’ exceptions. Firms will continue to be able to view position level reconciliation to help with risk and PnL management, along with the introduction of the ability to identify shape breaks within those services, so operations can quickly identify and remediate these with counterparts.

This will allow firms to minimize the impacts of SFTR and CSDR (Central Securities Depositories Regulation) by quickly remediating issues as part of their current operational workflows. And with the use of the Automated Returns service, firms can also minimize the occurrence of breaks in the first place.


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