Quantum computing insiders ride fintech hype cycle

In 2015, it was rumored that the notoriously secretive hedge fund RenTech, a pioneer in using advanced technologies for investment and trading, was hiring graduates straight out of University of Amsterdam’s quantum computing lab.

Then, for a couple of years, investors threw money at anything quantum, with many predictable disappointments. Now the ultimate sign of investment curiosity has arrived: quantum computing ETFs.

One that launched last week, named QTUM, describes “this pocket of technology” as “fast computers that solve complex problems by using principles of quantum mechanics”, and that the segment is “about computer speed, machine learning and fast data digestion”.

That’s a pretty good succinct description, and it puts quantum computing in a familiar list of advanced technologies (low latency, artificial intelligence and machine learning, hardware acceleration) with massive potential in financial markets.

This also comes along with an equally familiar list of hype gripes from people involved in it: industry insiders are definitely warning that the rubber of media-driven speculation is meeting the road of business realities.

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