Developing the Triparty Business Model

Rates & Repo 2022
Developing the Triparty Business Model

Wednesday, November 2nd from 10:00am-10:55am EST

  • How are triparty agents responding to market needs for digitizing documentation?
  • Can or should triparty accounts be interoperable across providers?
  • What role should tokenization of securities play in triparty arrangements?
  • What opportunities exist for triparty agents to facilitate ESG standardization?
  • What should triparty clients focus on in 2023 to optimize their use of vendor services?



Josh Galper
Managing Principal


Andrea Pfenning
President and Chief Operating Officer
BNY Mellon Government Securities Services Corp.

Ed Corral
Global Head of Collateral Strategy for Collateral Services
J.P. Morgan

Bimal Kadikar
Founder and CEO

Todd Crowther
Head of Corporate Development and Collateral Services

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