RavenPack creates cloud search for event-triggered market spikes, company info

RavenPack launched a query tool that connects to 20 years of news, social media, and other textual content, with analysis performed in the cloud and in real-time. Called Analytics Search, it can be used for comparative keyword research and to discover event-triggered spikes across billions of articles.

Combined with its sentiment scoring and analytics generated through Natural Language Processing (NLP), users can measure interest in a particular topic across thousands of global sources, right down to the sentence level. Targeted users are analysts, traders, market makers, and risk and compliance officers.

A query will bring back results such as how many people mention a topic over a certain period of time, which companies or products are mentioned with given keywords or what topics might be driving interest. So, entering “blockchain”, for example, brings up all US companies in the last month involved with blockchain technology.

Source: RavenPack

There are also custom alerts that send a link back to RavenPack’s platform for information and context, delivered by email or Slack. Traders and portfolio managers can get advanced notice of information that can impact their holdings, while analysts can get help with information overload.

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