Rockall announces self-service SBL cloud platform

Rockall, a Broadridge Financial Solutions company, has launched an end-to-end Securities-Based Lending (SBL) platform using cloud technology . It combines Rockall’s existing credit and operational risk technology (FASTNET) with new loan origination capabilities (NAVIGATOR). This platform delivers a streamlined end-to-end process incorporating self-service loan management for the advisor and client.

The platform integrates with multiple internal and external systems to acquire and process loan and collateral data, including held-away assets. It streamlines communication between lender and advisor, integrating existing activities into a repeatable, automated process.

“Digitization of the entire SBL process speeds up and smooths down the client and advisor experience; loans can be approved and funded more quickly, reducing time-to-loan to same day or next day funding,” said Luke Nestor, founder of Rockall in a statement. “The Broadridge SBL Platform leverages next-gen technology to marry process efficiency and automation in the back office with an exceptional advisor and client experience. The platform makes it substantially easier for advisors to bring SBL to their clients, allowing them to defend and grow AUM.”

Built on Rockall’s core SBL client base over 20 years, with a focus on credit monitoring and risk management, the platform is a new, digitized offering providing full end-to-end securities-based lending. The platform puts loan origination and management directly onto the advisor dashboard, coupling it with back office SBL operations and risk management.

The platform supports a client self-service model by providing an application front-end for direct client applications – enabling the business to offer compelling SBL options to clients who might otherwise consider competitive credit offerings from other institutions. Self-service goes beyond online accessing of account information to deliver rich loan management capabilities directly to the advisor and client base, including notifications, inquiry, drawdowns, release requests and funds disbursement.

Advisors can access detailed client information as well as benefit from automated SBL workflows. By replacing manual information-gathering requests with a fully digital process, client decisions are better-informed and new business can be accelerated through a simple application process. Credit release decisions, margin call management and client communications workflow are also all fully digitized.

By providing direct connectivity across the full SBL ecosystem – including between multiple third-party market pricing, custodian, core banking and loan accounting systems – the business is better placed to manage SBL loans at volume, even at times of market volatility. The platform combines security safeguards including SOC 2 compliance, market-leading middle- and back-office capabilities and a fully digital front office experience.

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