SingularityNET launches AI marketplace in beta

Amsterdam-headquartered SingularityNET announced the launch of its beta version on the Ethereum blockchain following stress testing sessions by the community and volunteers during February. The firm’s platform creates, shares and monetizes AI services.

The SingularityNET beta version will be accessible to everyone able to use the Ethereum network. As a utility token foundation, algorithms and data can be purchased using the AGI token. The beta launch aims to showcase the benefits of a fully functioning AI marketplace where individuals, small businesses and government agencies can purchase algorithms that have traditionally been only available to Silicon Valley giants.

Services on offer will include: gene-annotation services and an AI toolset for genomic underpinning, image and emotion recognition services, object detection and speech-recognition.

Ben Goertzel, CEO and Chief Scientist, said in a statement: “As the AI economy matures and expands, the demand for a democratic and decentralized AI infrastructure is becoming increasingly clear, as is the need within businesses across the spectrum for AI tools with a greater variety of focus and generalization capabilities.”

The launch of the beta version follows a series of partnership commitments from technology companies, AI firms and government organizations signed since SingularityNET’s $32.8 million ICO raise in 2017. A variety of firms have signed on as partners, like UNESCO and the government of Malta, in commodity finance NR Capital, as well as companies working on smart contracts and blockchain-based cybersecurity.

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