LiquidityEdge launches off-the-run US Treasuries trading with Barclays and Credit Suisse

Electronic US Treasuries (UST) trading venue LiquidityEdge has launched the market’s first ever fully electronic aggregated streaming service for off-the-run USTs. Three primary dealers including Barclays and Credit Suisse have signed up as liquidity providers and are actively streaming prices on the platform. 

Participants can continue to trade on-the-run USTs from the same platform with additional liquidity providers, tackling the bifurcation that has traditionally fragmented the two markets. 

The new off-the-runs service on LiquidityEdge offers bilateral, customizable peer-to-peer executable streaming prices on a fully disclosed basis, delivering uninterrupted access to off-the-run liquidity across the curve throughout the trading day. 

Over 100 institutions including primary dealers, regional dealers, professional trading groups and buy-side clients trade across the entire Treasury curve on a daily basis on LiquidityEdge’s platform.

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