Barclays launches “next generation” trading platform

Barclays announced BARX as its newly integrated, cross-asset electronic trading platform across equities, fixed income, futures, and FX. It will: harness Barclays’ data science capabilities to deliver better trade analytics; provide deep pools of liquidity for each asset class and offer innovative solutions for accessing liquidity; and increase transparency and drive greater control and visibility in electronic trading for clients.

Equities, the latest asset class to come under the BARX umbrella, today announced BARX One as its next generation algorithmic trading offering. BARX One hosts all new algorithm strategies in a comprehensive platform, which centralizes all signals, models, and decision making to deliver a more efficient and effective trading experience. BARX One will be rolled out, in phases, over the coming months.

The bank noted the following benefits: single algorithm design, unified offering to enable flexible algorithms that naturally support existing and blended trading approaches and continuous innovation; based on experimentation, comprehensive experimental framework to allow continuous exploration of improved approaches; signal driven, emphasis on advanced forecasting and real-time analytics at various levels of decision making (scheduling, order placement, liquidity sourcing).

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