Baton Systems taps DLT workflows to automate cash settlements

Baton Systems has launched a digital solution providing firms with automated, comprehensive, and real-time control of their cash settlements. The solution, called Core-Payments uses Baton’s DLT workflows to automatically track and reconcile inbound cash settlements, and to orchestrate the release of outbound cash payments on the basis of configurable rules and real-time data. It is already being deployed by a tier one bank.

Core-Payments significantly reduces the need for manual intervention across key reconciliation and control processes, including netting and pre-settlement affirmation, accelerating the completion of key functions and reducing operational costs whilst increasing control and visibility.

It permits users to reconcile inbound and outbound payments in real-time – compared to the industry standard of t+1 or longer. With the shortening of the settlement cycle to T+1 in the US now less than 250 days away, the launch of Core-Payments comes at a pivotal time for market participants, providing them with real-time visibility and greater control of their settlement functions, as well as enhanced cost management and related growth opportunities. In addition, the solution provides continual calculation of counterparty settlement risk exposure, as well as a clear view of current and forecasted funding requirements.

Alex Knight, head of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Baton Systems, said in a statement: “With the transition to T+1 now just months away, and with regulators growing increasingly vocal around the need for greater settlement control and supervision, it is paramount that market participants ensure they are fully prepared to cope with any rise in settlement risk. For too long now, legacy processes for monitoring and managing settlement risk have stifled industry progress. Adopting cutting-edge solutions like Core-Payments is a pragmatic first step in, helping firms manage risk, operate more efficiently, lower costs, increase their counterparty footprint, meet growing regulatory requirements, and provide excellent customer service.”

In terms of the technology supporting Core-Payments, the platform is designed to be deployed in a modular fashion, providing users with a flexible set of user interfaces across a range of modules including Visualisation, Netting/Pre-Settlement Affirmation, Controlled Settlement, and Analytics. Additionally, all data inflows and outputs are supported by a range of APIs and integration protocols. This means that firms do not need their counterparties to adopt new technology.


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