Clearstream seclending drops 16% year over year, but is 1% up year to date

8 October 2012
In September 2012, the value of assets under custody held on behalf of customers registered an increase of 3 percent to EUR 11.2 trillion (compared to EUR 10.8 trillion in September 2011). Securities held under custody in Clearstream’s international business increased by 2 percent from EUR 5.9 trillion in September 2011 to EUR 6.0 trillion in September 2012 – while domestic German securities held under custody increased by 5 percent from EUR 4.9 trillion in September 2011 to EUR 5.1 trillion in September 2012.

In September 2012, 3.2 million international settlement transactions were processed, a 7 percent increase over September 2011 (3.0 million). Of all international transactions, 83 percent were OTC transactions and 17 percent were registered as stock exchange transactions. On the German domestic market, settlement transactions reached 5.9 million, 24 percent less than in September 2011 (7.7 million). Of these transactions, 65 percent were stock exchange transactions and 35 percent OTC transactions.

For Global Securities Financing (GSF) services, the monthly average outstanding reached EUR 552.2 billion. The combined services, which include triparty repo, securities lending and collateral management, collectively experienced a drop of 16 percent over September 2011 (EUR 653.6 billion). Year-to-date September 2012 GSF monthly average outstanding is with EUR 576.4 billion 1 percent above the same period last year (year-to-date January to September 2011: EUR 571.9 billion).

In the Investment Funds Services (IFS), 0.53 million transactions were processed, a 36 percent increase over September 2011 (0.39 million). Year-to-date September 2012 IFS number of transactions processed is with 4.66 million 15 percent above the same period last year (year-to-date January to September 2011: 4.04 million).

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