CloudMargin links to AcadiaSoft

CloudMargin and AcadiaSoft, Inc are pleased to announce the successful completion of the integration of their solutions to provide real-time collateral management communication to their clients.

Using the new link to AcadiaSoft MarginSphere, CloudMargin’s clients are able to issue and respond to margin calls, manage disputes and then negotiate and process margin movements electronically with their brokers. This happens in real-time without sending emails or faxes, prevents the re-keying of data and removes the need to monitor an email inbox. Their brokers benefit hugely from greatly increased automation with their buy-side clients, lower error rates and reduced manual intervention.

CloudMargin is the cloud-based cross-product collateral management technology solution, providing clients with a unique combination of low cost and high performance delivered securely across the internet. Clients benefit from the ease of use and simple implementation of outsourced technology with the security and level of oversight of an in-house system. Clients simply pay a rolling monthly subscription based on actual usage levels and receive a full-featured collateral management platform clearly outperforming the dated million-dollar offerings of the legacy technology vendors.

MarginSphere is a margin confirmation community where counterparties engaged in collateral management can automate the complete margin cycle. MarginSphere is the result of collaboration between AcadiaSoft and the industry’s largest financial institutions who are focused on driving efficiencies and reducing risks through margin automation.

CloudMargin’s link to AcadiaSoft is live and immediately available to new and existing clients.

“The move from email and fax communications to electronic messaging is the greatest single driver of efficiency and STP the collateral management world has seen in years,” comments Andy Davies, founder and CEO of CloudMargin. “AcadiaSoft’s innovative solution is a natural partner of CloudMargin and together our clients and their brokers will see immediate efficiency and accuracy gains. I’m thrilled to offer this new functionality to our rapidly growing client base.”

“We are excited to be integrated with CloudMargin to bring increased STP to the collateral management process,” asserts Chris Walsh, Chief Operating Officer at AcadiaSoft. “The welcome addition of CloudMargin to the AcadiaSoft community is a key advancement for us towards our goal of a completely automated, industry-wide margin process.”

About AcadiaSoft
AcadiaSoft is uniquely focused on delivering margin automation for counterparties engaged in collateral management. The AcadiaSoft community consists of over 160 market participants and service providers in the collateral marketplace. AcadiaSoft was founded through collaboration between major financial institutions, including eight Fed 14 banks, to create solutions that support full implementation of documented ISDA Collateral Requirements. Our Advisory Groups, Best Practice Forums and Working Groups provide a unique framework for integrating the thought leadership and capabilities of market participants, market infrastructures and key service providers across the industry. It is this framework and commitment that enables us to innovate on an industry-wide basis.

About CloudMargin
CloudMargin is the collateral management technology provider meeting the growing needs of derivatives end-users for an affordable, understandable and functionally complete alternative to spreadsheets and manual processes. Focusing on derivatives end-users such as corporate treasurers, insurers, pension funds and asset managers allows CloudMargin to avoid the unnecessary and expensive complications of sell-side focused solutions and instead deliver a cost-effective and understandable web-based platform. Low-cost “pay as you go” menu-based pricing means the end to lengthy technology contracts with punitive exit clauses and costly upgrade cycles. The simple yet powerful web-based interface gives total visibility of proprietary and counterparty or CCP positions while state of the art data visualization and reporting puts clients firmly in control of their business.

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