Corvil launches high performance streaming analytics appliance

Corvil announced its new flagship streaming analytics appliance, the Corvil 9000 for both 40G and 100G networks, already deployed with two bulge bracket banks and a financial service provider. Amidst the exponential growth of network traffic volumes, speeds and infrastructure complexity, obtaining network visibility and analysis is critical to maintain customer experience, performance of systems and transactions, and regulatory compliance.

The 9000 establishes a new network traffic capture and analysis standard to meet the growing needs of financial markets and to deliver the execution analytics that enable firms to improve trading performance. With Corvil’s real-time accuracy and granularity hallmarks, the new platform achieves more than 40Gbps sustained capture without compression, and up to 60G with compression, plus line rate bursts of several seconds on all interfaces.

A new, unique Turbo feature establishes a world’s first 60 Gbps capture rate sustained for 30 minutes to deliver reliability and performance when it matters most, such as during periods of high volatility, including market open and close. This higher throughput capture comes with up to five times faster export performance during peak capture conditions.

This means operations teams can access the critical information required to rapidly diagnose and resolve issues. Without this capability, firms today typically must sacrifice capture rates, leaving them at risk of missing critical data or losing valuable time attempting to access critical operational information they have captured. As such, Turbo provides a further productivity and efficiency benefit to operations teams.

“The performance and predictability of trading systems (are) intrinsic to their success and those who can harness and effectively analyze data to optimize performance and execution will continue to see a meaningful advantage,” said Donal O’Sullivan, VP Product Management at Corvil. “The Corvil 9000 brings several key innovations to market, extending the scope of our network analytics platform to meet the next wave of performance analysis, optimization, trade support, and compliance demands.”

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