DataLend: Securities Lending Industry Surpasses $2 Trillion On Loan

The securities lending industry is now a $2+ trillion business, according to securities finance market data provider DataLend.

The value of securities on loan in the securities lending marketplace reached more than $2 trillion recently, the highest value since DataLend began tracking the market in 2013. The lendable value, referring to the value of securities lenders have made available for borrowing, surpassed $16 trillion-also a DataLend record. More than 45,000 unique securities are on loan worldwide.

Key Stats: Global Securities Lending Market (as of March 9, 2017)

* On-loan value: $2.00 trillion (+$180 billion YOY)
* Lendable value: $16.04 trillion (+$2.75 trillion YOY)
* Unique securities on loan: 45,200
* Cash collateral as a percentage of on-loan balance: 39.48% (-6.39% YOY)
* Non-cash collateral as a percentage of on-loan balance: 60.52% (+6.39% YOY)

Lenders earned $9.16 billion in securities lending revenues in 2016, including $4.67 billion in North America; $2.64 billion in Europe; $1.67 billion in Asia-Pacific; and $182 million in the rest of the world.

For more data on the global securities finance market, download The Purple-A DataLend Research Publication here.

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