Davis Polk releases new "Dodd-Frank Progress Report": progress in some areas, others — not so much

The new Davis Polk “Dodd-Frank Progress Report” was released yesterday. The document, which comes to us on the two year anniversary of D-F, reviews how well regulators have been doing on required rulemaking. They divide up the rules by regulator and by topic. There are a couple interesting take-aways plus some pretty neat graphics. We suggest you take a look. Our two cents is below the break.

“…Of the 398 total rulemaking requirements, 123 (30.9%) have been met with finalized rules and rules have been proposed that would meet 134 (33.7%) more. Rules have not yet been proposed to meet 141 (35.4%) rulemaking requirements…”

“…The two years since Dodd-Frank’s passage have seen 848 pages of statutory text expand to 8,843 pages of regulations. Already at almost a 1:10 page ratio, this staggering number represents only 30% of required rulemaking contained within Dodd-Frank…”

It looks like the CFTC is doing the best in terms of meeting deadlines.

And some areas have made a lot more progress than others.

A link to the report is here.

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