Delta One, LLC and Dynamex Trading, LLC launch equity finance marketplace

NEW YORK, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Delta One, LLC and Dynamex Trading, LLC are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Delta One, a fully transparent, liquid, and actionable equity finance marketplace. The platform enables market participants to quickly and efficiently compare rates, identify trading opportunities, and match against the options market to optimize finance rates and balance sheet usage in a way that’s never been possible before. The platform will be available exclusively for Dynamex customers on July 1st, 2019 with detailed information about Delta One currently available at

“We have long known about the intersection of the options market and the stock lending marketplace, but there was never an efficient way to source liquidity or match against other participants,” said Brandon Neer, founder of Delta One, LLC. “With our platform, users are able to access the options market like never before to improve their finance rates, optimize balance sheet usage, and monetize their boxes.”

“I have never seen a product make such an immediate impact to a workflow,” said Jason Lefkowitz, co-founder, Delta One LLC. “We have been able to help our customers like never before.”

Added Harris Bock, CEO at Dynamex Trading and co-founder of Delta One, LLC, “It’s a transparent marketplace, we didn’t want to just create another dark pool.”

He noted, “All participants in Delta One will have equal access to our information, which was our goal from the very beginning. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients’ best interests at all times, so we purposely created a system that does not link directly to the exchanges.  We wanted a human layer of protection between our users and the marketplace. To that end, trades will only consummate after a trader assesses fairness and context. We have always protected our customers’ financial interests and we will continue to do so through this new platform.”

Delta One, LLC was founded in 2016, with the primary goal to bring transparency to the stock-lending marketplace. Dynamex Trading, an affiliate of Group One Trading, is a leading provider of options brokerage services catering to stock loan market participants. The company has helped its customers trade options around stock borrow positions since 2009 and is the exclusive provider of the Delta One platform. Delta One is a registered trademark of Delta One, LLC.

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