FICC files to expand Sponsored Repo service to GC

The proposed rule change consists of modifications to the FICC Government Securities Division (“GSD”) Rulebook (“Rules”)4 in order to:

(i) add a new service offering, which would allow a Sponsoring Member to submit for clearing Repo Transactions with its Sponsored Members on securities that are represented by Generic CUSIP Numbers and held under a triparty custodial arrangement (the “Sponsored GC Service”)

(ii) add language to Rule 3A to allow FICC to recognize, for Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility® (“CCLF”) calculation purposes, any offsetting settlement obligations as between a Sponsoring Member’s netting account and its Sponsoring Member Omnibus Account to ensure that a Sponsoring Member’s CCLF obligation is calculated in a manner that more closely aligns with the liquidity risk associated with Sponsored Member Trades

(iii) remove the requirement from Section 2 of Rule 3A that a Sponsoring Member provide a quarterly representation to FICC that each of its Sponsored Members is a “qualified institutional buyer” as defined in Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“Rule 144A”), or is a legal entity that, although not organized as an entity specifically listed in paragraph (a)(1)(i) of Rule 144A, satisfies the financial requirements necessary to be a “qualified institutional buyer” as specified in that paragraph, and

(iv) make a clarification, certain corrections, and certain technical changes.

The full SEC filing is available with

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