Finadium: Greenfield Opportunities in Securities Finance and Credit Businesses

This research report provides a review of four new technology-driven business opportunities in the market today. This is a how-to guide for business owners and project leaders, rather than a discussion of the opportunities from a business perspective. The businesses we evaluate are Peer to Peer financing, non-bank indemnification markets, private settlement markets, and the integration of credit and market data.

In each section, we offer an operational flow chart and document the inputs necessary for taking each idea from concept to testable case study. The report shows how technology and business innovation by traditional banks, existing market structures, and new technology firms engaged in financial transactions are converging.

Innovation is the new catchphrase in bank capital markets activities. No longer able to sit on the sidelines while fintech firms outrace them to new business models, banks are taking a proactive role in creating new business opportunities built on technology. This leads to challenges and new thinking around how to operationalize ideas that are in the market requiring original or updated business models and frameworks to execute.

These opportunities are complicated and clients have yet to buy in that they too are looking at the next big thing. However, the business of capital markets is a constant tension between conservatism and innovation. When many business lines are well-tested, banks naturally resist change in preference of the status quo and this can result in overlooked opportunities. In an age of innovation, many fresh ideas should be taken seriously by banks actively engaged in their capital markets franchises.

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