August 2023

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The collateral management solutions market continues to lead efforts to integrate data from multiple sources and help users make better decisions. Finadium’s eighth survey of collateral management vendors invited every known firm in the market to complete a request for information (RFI) on their products and projects. We analyzed the results to form an industry-wide view of vendor activity and provide a directory of all participating firms.

The 22 vendors and 40 products in this year’s collateral technology survey show common themes and important standouts in how organizational and technology trends are developing. While data management and decision support are key themes, there is also divergence in areas like pre- and post-trade analytics, the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and interest in Distributed Ledger Technology.

The survey provides readers with a product summary and coverage, market differentiators, new functionalities added in the last year, and upcoming development plans. On an industry-wide basis, we analyze the important new features that vendors are adding, what problems their clients are trying to solve and which clients are actually using the services of collateral technology providers.

The results of this survey are useful to financial market professionals in front office, operations and technology, who are working to evaluate the vendor landscape. They may also be useful to investors in financial technology and to the vendors themselves in assessing their competitive positioning.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Improving Market Efficiency Through Technology
    • – Methodology
  • Industry Analysis
    • – Who Are Clients and What Do They Want?
    • – Adoption of New Technology
  • Vendor Submissions
  • About Finadium LLC

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