Fintech Focus: De-Mystifying “Digital” in Capital Markets

June 2017

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Everything is going to be better when it is digitalized! Costs and risks will both be lower and easier to manage! This is the promise of “digital” but what does digital really mean? Aren’t banks and large asset managers largely digital already, and if so, what does more digital going to do for them?

In this report, Finadium goes beyond the hype to look at the underlying technologies and the value they can provide. The report provides a clear analysis of the technologies, including Machine Learning and Robotics, that fall under the digital umbrella and explains how they fit into capital markets activities at banks and investment firms. We also look at where digital programs can fail, including the need for back-office infrastructure and organizational support. The report concludes with an action item checklist for an effective digital program focused on solving real problems.

Our objective in this report is to cut through the noise and provide definitions, strategies and strategies for engaging in digital in cost effective ways at capital markets institutions.

This report is part of Finadium’s Fintech Focus series, offering product and technology specialists a dedicated window into capital markets.

This report is 25 pages with four exhibits.

? Executive Summary

? A Digital Vision for the 21st Century

? Digital Explained
– Client Interaction, Portals and APIs
– Robotics
– Data Management and Big Data
– Decision Making, AI and Robo-Advisors
– Other Terms

? Hype vs. Effective Delivery

? Checklist for an Effective Digital Program

? Q&A with Niall Cameron, Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Digital at HSBC

? About the Author

? About Fintech Focus

? About Finadium LLC


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