Fintech Focus: Integrating Innovation in Capital Markets

May 2017

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Banks, utilities and vendors have heard the warnings loud and clear: change is coming. After spending almost a decade trying to stay ahead of an unprecedented wave of regulatory requirements, the industry is now aware of a potentially more significant business threat in the form of a new class of market entrants: “fintech”. Today, no discussion about capital markets is complete without including fintech firms as part of the roster.

In response to the challenge, innovation has become a core element of business planning at major financial services firms. But innovation is far more than an investment strategy; it is a way of doing business that does not naturally align with the traditional ways banks have viewed technology.

This report analyzes the key questions being asked about innovation in financial markets today. We show what the challenges are for organizations new to innovation, and what strategies are available for successfully turning ideas into viable services that can be integrated into the larger organizational operating model. This report is part of Finadium’s Fintech Focus series, offering product and technology specialists a dedicated window into capital markets.

This report is 16 pages with one exhibit.

■ Executive Summary

■ The Traditional Approach to Technology – Pragmatic and Proven

■ Innovation as a Priority Strategy

■ The Innovation Approach

■ Internal Innovation as Fintech Start-up

■ About the Author

■ About Fintech Focus

■ About Finadium LLC


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