January 2024

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The global wallet spend on collateral management services has increased in recent years following regulatory mandates, government interventions and a heightened sophistication by market participants about the value of collateral generally. The growth in spending has coincided with an expansion of bank and technology service providers across data, inventory, optimization and integration with market infrastructure.

This report assesses who, where and how users are spending money on collateral management services. Building on Finadium’s historical databases and new corporate research, we identify the major buckets of spending by vendor type and geography including triparty, bank collateral services and technology vendors. Our findings show that clients spent $1.7 billion on collateral management services in the most recent year of analysis.

The report projects expected spending trends through 2027, considering the impacts of Quantitative Tightening and an expanding array of service providers meeting both broad and specialized market demand.

This report should be read by any market professional interested in collateral management to assess the financial state of the market. Vendors and their investors may use the report for benchmarking their market share and weighing available growth opportunities. Large clients can identify how they are prioritized by different categories of service provider. Smaller firms may use the findings to better understand their place in the collateral ecosystem.

This report is a starting point for further work including drill downs of spending by market segment and client type.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose of the Report and Methodology
  • The Collateral Management Wallet
  • Geographic Distribution of Revenues
  • Projections Through 2027
  • About Finadium LLC

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