Fintech Focus: Bank Architecture and Opportunities for IT Professionals, Consultancies and Vendors

February 2017

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Capital markets architecture was once a key enabler of business growth but is now more often a source of high costs and organizational inertia. In this Finadium Technology Focus we evaluate the known strategies for improving infrastructure and what the adoption of each approach means to internal bank IT staff, systems vendors, consultancies and Fintech start-ups.

There are a limited number of capital markets architecture strategies, and many that are presented as new have been tried multiple times over the last decade or two. Familiar favorites include: complete front-to-back re-engineering; simplification; the ‘Golden Middle’; and component based architecture. Joining these old favorites are Digital and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), but these too are just variations on older themes.

This report connects the different capital markets architecture strategies with the opportunities they create. For consultancies, systems integrators, systems vendors, and fintech startups, we provide a framework for matching a client’s architecture with a service provider’s offerings.

This report is 20 pages with four exhibits.

■ Executive Summary

■ What System Infrastructure Needs to Do in Capital Markets
– What is the Problem?

■ Approaches to Change
– Front-to-Back Re-engineering
– Simplification
– Front-to-back systems
– The Golden Middle – Enterprise Trade Processing
– Component Based Architecture

■ The Business as Usual Approach

■ About the Author

■ About Finadium Technology Focus

■ About Finadium


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