October 2015

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Finadium has conducted an industry-wide survey of vendors promoting software solutions in collateral management for securities and investments. This survey provides readers with a product summary, product coverage, market differentiators, new functionalities added in the last year and technology and implementation considerations. On an industry-wide basis, we analyze the important new features that vendors are adding, what problems their clients are trying to solve and who vendors see as their competition.

The reason for this survey was the large increase in marketing documents about collateral-related products. We wanted to understand how much of this was real, and represented an expansion of demand for collateral technology services, and how much vendors were changing their marketing to capitalize on general industry conversations about collateral. To determine the state of the industry, we have systemically reviewed each vendorʼs offering to determine where they fit into the collateral management ecosystem, who their clients are and how they are overlapping or providing unique solutions.

The 22 vendors in our survey range from major names to start-ups emerging with their first clients. A consistent theme across all firms is the long industry experience of their principals. Collateral management technology is a market for professionals with deep pools of information and extensive connections. This is not a market for new competitors entering the field from outside.

The results of this survey are applicable to financial market professionals in the front office, operations and technology working to evaluate the vendor landscape. It may also be useful to investors in financial technology and to the vendors themselves in assessing the competitive landscape.

This report is 47 pages with 4 exhibits.


■ Executive Summary

■ The State of Collateral Technology
– Methodology

■ Industry Analysis
– New Features
– What Problems Are Clients Trying to Solve?
– Major Competitors

■ Vendor Submissions
– The Vendors
– Other Notable Firms

■ About the Authors

■ About Finadium


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