Trust, Technology and Advances in Crypto Privacy

February 2019

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Trust remains a critical component of building a successful crypto marketplace. While cryptocurrencies and tokens have proven theoretically interesting to the public, continued hacks and exposures of transactions mean that innovations are required for the growth of this industry.

Building a trusted crypto market is also important for traditional capital markets participants to get involved as partners and intermediaries. A bitcoin market that includes illicit activity and breaches in privacy will not result in retail or institutional investment interest. However, a Mimblewimble or Tor-based coin that can protect against hacks, requires less bandwidth or more fully ensures privacy could become a next generation product that encourages non-digital investors to take the market more seriously.

This report evaluates how close crypto markets are to a turning point that connects the digital and traditional markets from a technological and behavioral perspective. The promotion of trust and security, long taken for granted in traditional capital markets, must grow in the crypto space for larger investments to safely occur.

This report is useful reading for capital markets professionals looking at crypto investments and business models across trading, custody and exchange activity, especially service providers that are ready to launch digital trading and asset servicing for their retail and institutional clients.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Privacy, Theft and Trust
  • Mimblewimble, Seriously
  • Proof of Keys
  • Lessons from Other Privacy-Oriented Cryptocurrencies
    • – Monero and Rings
    • – Verge and Tor
    • – Zcash and zk-SNARK
  • Lessons for Later Adopters
  • About the Author
  • About Finadium LLC

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