Finadium to host client webinar on FICC sponsored repo January 20, 2021

Sponsored repo at DTCC’s Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) has become an important topic in US repo liquidity and market structure. At our Rates & Repo conference in November 2020, we heard audience interest in the specifics of sponsored repo that we didn’t have time to answer. We are presenting this Finadium client webinar to help our clients learn more with a focus on product development in term and GC repo through 2021.

The webinar, FICC Sponsored Repo in 2021 – Product Development and Market Structure, will be held on January 20, 2021 at 11AM EST. It will be run as a panel like many of Finadium’s live and virtual events. We’ll be joined by DTCC’s Laura Klimpel; Joe Markowski, Head of Government Strategies at BlackRock; John Schwartz, Executive Director, Global Fixed Income Financing at J.P. Morgan; and Owen Nichols, GM Managing Director, Funding & Collateral Optimization at State Street. These professionals are responsible for the development and delivery of sponsored repo for their organizations and to their clients. We’ll hear their feedback on what’s working, what needs adjustment and how they expect the market to react to FICC product enhancements.

In addition to product development themes, we’ll use the webinar to discuss what the growth of sponsored repo means for US repo market structure. Finadium subscribers know that policy makers are looking closely at repo, and in particular the role of Non-Bank Financial Intermediation (NBFI) on financial stability. Can sponsored repo help resolve concerns about systemic risk or does it move in the opposite direction?

The webinar will be interactive: we’ll ask our panelists what they think and take questions from the audience. We encourage Finadium subscribers to send us questions in advance (to info at and ask questions the day of the event. This webinar is meant to bring out opinions across the industry.

The program is recommended for any market participant with an interest in US repo including bank sponsors, other FICC members, hedge funds, asset managers, technology providers and regulators. The webinar will support education and strategy planning as FICC looks to develop sponsored repo and serve further market requirements.

This event is free to attend for Finadium subscribers. Registration is available at A replay will be available after the webinar following compliance approvals.

Finadium subscribers can find other recent content on US repo at:

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