IIAC: firms face $5mn+ in response costs after cyber attacks

The Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) highlighted a report by Barracuda Networks that analyzed the security challenges organizations face worldwide and the financial consequences following security compromises. The report is based on a global survey of 1,917 IT security practitioners.

The average annual cost to respond to compromises is $5.34 million ($2.98 million is associated with the damage of theft of IT assets and infrastructure and subsequent cost to repair or replace; $2.36 million is related to the disruption of normal operations, including revenue losses because of system downtime).

Most common attack types:

  • Denial of service (52%)
  • Phishing/social engineering (48%)
  • Credential theft (41%)
  • Advanced malware/zero-day attacks (40%)
  • Malicious insider (38%)
  • Compromised/stolen devices (33%)
  • Account takeover (26%)
  • Web application attacks (26%)
  • Web-based attacks (20%)
  • Other (4%)

More than 70% of survey respondents experienced a ransomware attack in the last year and 61% of those chose to pay ransom.

Only 39% of those surveyed said they are confident their existing security infrastructure is adequately equipped to protect against Generative AI-powered security attacks by hackers. AI has the potential to increase the volume, frequency, sophistication, and effectiveness of cyberattacks, underscoring the need for organizations to evolve their cybersecurity strategies.


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