ISDA and IHS Markit Launch the ISDA 2021 SBS Protocol on ISDA Amend

The ISDA 2021 Security-based Swaps (SBS) Protocol is now live on ISDA Amend, enabling protocol participants to easily and securely exchange questionnaires with other protocol participants. Exchanging questionnaires is a crucial step for market participants wanting to participate in the protocol. ISDA Amend, powered by IHS Markit, provides a free, secure and effective method of exchange, while maintaining a detailed audit trail of the process. Protocol participants can access their counterparty’s elections via Excel downloads (available immediately) or direct API connectivity (available starting August 6).

Below are the steps to follow to participate in the ISDA 2021 SBS Protocol on ISDA Amend:

  1. Visit the ISDA 2021 SBS Protocol page on the ISDA website and sign up to the protocol for your relevant in-scope entities. After adhering to the protocol, you should receive an adherence letter ID (ALID)
  2. Log on to ISDA Amend and navigate to the new ISDA 2021 SBS Protocol module
  3. Select your entities that are in scope for the ISDA 2021 SBS Protocol, and apply your ALID
  4. Fill out the questionnaires (1 & 2) as applicable
  5. Share the information with your counterparties

IHS Markit is running complimentary weekly webcast sessions to provide users with platform-related training. Please sign up for these training sessions to receive additional guidance from our dedicated support teams.

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