Matrix launches outsourcing solution for equity finance

Matrix Applications announced the launch of a back office processing solution for equity finance operations for financial firms facing expertise and tech challenges expanding into stock loan.

Named Transparence, the outsourced solution helps build out the operational support necessary to sustain the business. The platform will enhance transparency around lending rates and allow firms to generate a new revenue line without having to hire additional personnel to support it.

“Transparence solves many challenges faced by the securities lending industry, empowering market players to automate, manage risk and grow their business with confidence,” said Anthony Venditti, head of Strategic Initiatives & Sales at South Street Securities Holdings, in a statement.

Matrix is a fintech and operational solutions provider for the capital markets, with a product set that includes TradeBlazer, a fixed income post-trade collateral management platform; Managed Services, an outsourced back office for securities trade support; and MarginCalculator, a simple solution for FINRA Rule 4210 compliance. Transparence is the latest addition to its mix of comprehensive solutions for broker/dealers and clearing firms.

Transparence offers a suite of features tailored to streamline stock loan transactions, including front office management tools, automated borrows/loans, multiple views of your lending portfolio and real-time interaction for settlement and clearance. Key benefits include:

  • Advanced automation: reducing manual intervention from existing operational personnel at the firm.
  • Scalability & flexibility: offering scalability and flexibility to accommodate diverse needs and evolving portfolio sizes.
  • Industry guidance: partnering with experts to help achieve your goals in a complex industry landscape.
  • Risk management: leveraging Lemur, a simple and effective risk management solution powered by Matrix.

The platform highlights the demand in a changing industry landscape, where technology and innovation are creating more opportunity in stock loan not only, but also for small to medium sized institutions. This offering removes many hurdles, such as finding the right talent and technology, for securities lending in today’s world.

“Matrix is constantly innovating and evolving,” said Stephen Mellert, managing director of Business Development at Matrix Applications, in a statement. “Transparence is reconfirming our commitment to build efficient, transparent and cost-effective solutions.”


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