Pico launches high-performance financial services test lab

Pico announced the launch of a high-performance financial services test lab so that its full-stack trading technology solution of infrastructure, connectivity, market data, trading software, critical timing services and Corvil Analytics can be implemented, simulated and tested. In addition, the it will also allow for client application and third-party product testing.

“Pico’s testing capabilities are extremely diverse, and clients have often requested our help to test market data products, trading technology, high-performance software, hardware, advanced chipsets, as well as new switching gear,” said Pico’s chief information officer, Seetharam Gorre, in a statement. “The launch of the Pico Performance Lab will allow replication of real-world trading environments to include infrastructure, data, replay mechanisms, traffic generators and exchange simulators. We can simulate patterns and, by implementing Corvil Analytics, monitor how those solutions and products perform in real-time. We can also stress test environments, new technologies and products as well as upgrades to operating systems and software prior to rollout.”

Pico can simulate real-time events based on market data as it existed on a particular day, reproducing those exact conditions for testing. With the launch of the cutting-edge Lab, Pico can demonstrate the forensic data necessary to analyze the root cause of performance problems and what reports are available to clients through Corvil. The unique capabilities of Corvil Analytics allow it to manage network microburst capacity and ensure market-data quality. Corvil Analytics has a 20-plus year legacy across financial services in extracting and correlating technology and transaction performance intelligence from global dynamic network environments. Corvil’s high throughput, lossless, granularly time-stamped data capture provides an incredibly rich data source that can be used for broader analytics and use cases, including trade analytics.

“Our clients are sophisticated electronic market makers, quantitative hedge funds, global banks and exchanges. They now have the ability to replicate real-world trading environments and accelerate loads to multiples of real-time speeds to test market data and trading products in high-volume scenarios in the Pico Performance Lab,” said Pico’s chief product officer, Stacie Swanstrom, in a statement. “Our clients are institutions who also have clients and they want visibility into our environment. They want to see what our operations teams are seeing, and the launch of this Lab will allow them the unique opportunity to experience how our operational excellence excels through real-world examples.”

Not only will the Lab allow clients to experience firsthand how Corvil Analytics is an invaluable tool for network monitoring, they will also have the opportunity to see how Corvil analyzes Pico’s Redline suite of high-performance trading and market data products. Pico’s RedlineFeed delivers normalized low-latency, multi-asset class market data, complimented by Redline trading gateways and hosted inside Pico’s global infrastructure environment. Pico’s best-in-class, full stack trading technology solution offers a single-source provider for low-latency, comprehensive global market access.


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