Plans for our institutional investor securities lending conference in Paris, 24 September 2019

We’re gearing up to host our Finadium Investors in Securities Lending (FISL) conference in Paris on 24 September 2019, moving to the Continent after two years in London. Here’s how the event is shaping up.

Our FISL events in both Europe and US are oriented for institutional investors across pensions, asset managers, insurance companies and hedge funds. While any market participant can benefit, the program agenda is structured to provide specific content that investment firms may not find readily available elsewhere. Our focus on practicalities – from delegated reporting under SFTR to advanced revenue generation strategies – is meant to help investors take the best advantages they can in the current securities lending market. This event is free to attend for institutional investors.

We are pleased to announce a robust sponsorship group for FISL Paris: BNP Paribas, CACEIS, Citi, Euronext, IHS Markit and Natixis have all joined us from the market participant side, and AMAFI, the French association of financial markets, is our industry partner. We look forward to drawing on the expertise of these firms on panels and workshop sessions. Their role is to help investors sort out the details of how securities lending is evolving, including providing help in mapping what the future of the industry will look like after SFTR goes live.

Much of the event’s content is based on Finadium’s research activities. We take a realistic view of the markets, and recognize that securities lending does not stand in isolation compared to other products. This year at FISL we will have a panel on Total Return Swaps, Total Return Futures and cleared securities finance products. Which is better for investors? Banks have become interested in Total Return Futures in particular as a centrally cleared mechanism for financing. Investors should understand what these products mean for both their institutions as well as their securities lending programs. Likewise, institutions may want to carefully consider the impacts of the pledge model for collateral in securities lending; a workshop at the FISL event provides a neutral space for the discussion.

As always, we place a high priority on institution-to-institution networking. The event is designed to encourage small group conversations amongst investors both with and without service provider participation.

In a change from 2018, this year we will sell tickets to non-sponsoring institutions and offer two free tickets each to Finadium research subscribers. This is our policy for the majority of our events worldwide, including Rates & Repo in New York. The provision of two free tickets for research subscribers allows us to include our valued clients in the conversation while maintaining a reasonable number of attendees. We also seek to limit sales people attendance, preferring instead product and business managers who can share their experiences in panels and workshop sessions. Building on our experiences in Europe, we believe this will help create an inspired atmosphere for discussion and problem-solving.

The Finadium Investors in Securities Lending conference will be held in Paris on 24 September 2019. Please visit the event website for more information. We look forward to seeing you there.

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