Reuters: Fed reverse repo volume sparks worries U.S. short-term rates could go below zero

Financial institutions flush with cash have flocked to the Federal Reserve’s reverse repurchase (RRP) facility, loaning the U.S. central bank money at 0% interest and raising concerns in the bond market that key short-term interest rates could actually fall below zero.

“The fact that balances in these programs are swelling is an indication that money funds, non-U.S. official institutions, and the government state enterprises are struggling to find assets with returns above 0%,” said Joseph Abate, managing director, fixed income research at Barclays in a research note.

Gennadiy Goldberg, senior rates strategist, at TD Securities said so far the facility is working as intended, “as a relief valve for excess cash.” Without the reverse repo activity, “money market rates such as SOFR (U.S. secured overnight financing rate) would be pressured lower possibly below zero,” he added.

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