Ripple to hold CBDC Innovate competition

More than 100 central banks around the world are actively exploring a central bank digital currency (CBDC). And, the truth is, many countries are exploring how to issue CBDCs and which use cases are the best place to start.

That’s why Ripple is on the lookout for developers ready to change the face of digital currencies to join us for Ripple’s CBDC Innovate, a competition that invites enterprise and individual developers to create CBDC applications for reward bounties!

CBDCs will be a game-changer for central banks, enabling better interoperability of payments and transfers, accelerating retail-facing transactions, and promoting inclusive financial frameworks for digital assets. With CBDC Innovate, Ripple is looking for developers eager to build CBDC applications in the following categories:

Interoperability – to enable CBDCs to work functionally and bridge with other digital assets (such as NFTs, stablecoins and more)
Retail – to more easily allow any human to interact with a CBDC
Financial Inclusion – to bring the un- and underbanked into the current financial system using the benefits of CBDCs

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