RiskBooks: HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2014

Published in spring each year, HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2014 features an exclusive report of a survey of central banks, responsible for trillions of $’s in reserve assets, on their reaction to the global financial situation and how they view the key questions facing financial markets and the international monetary system.

As well as detailed analysis of the answers, all comments and observations volunteered by reserve managers are reproduced in full.

The book also features practitioner-focused chapters, which draw on expert opinion and experience to allow central bankers to benchmark their policies against those of their peers.

Contributors include:

Nick Carver (Central Banking Publications)
Jennifer Johnson-Calari (formerly The World Bank)
Guillermo Ossés, Olga Yangol and Amanda La Marca (HSBC Global Asset Management)
Jan Schmidt (Czech National Bank)
Javier Gómez Restrepo and Juan S. Rojas Bohórquez (Central Bank of Colombia)
Roman Marton (National Bank of Austria)
Juan Basco and Mario Torriani (Central Bank of Argentina)

Key questions in the survey cover:

How reserve managers are diversifying
Reserve managers’ view on emerging market assets
How reserve managers see equities and gold
How reserve managers are responding to the Federal Reserve’s tapering
Reserve managers’ views on the risks associated with the euro area sovereign debt market
How reserve managers view derivatives and exchange traded funds
Reserve managers’ view on ‘new safe haven’ currencies such as Swedish krona, Danish krone, Australian and Canadian dollars
Reserve management asset–liability management frameworks

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