SEB and Google Cloud extend partnership to new services, risk analytics and reporting

SEB and Google Cloud announced a long-term partnership to accelerate the bank’s digitization journey. SEB will use Google Cloud’s tech and collaborate to create new banking services.

SEB’s banking platform, SEBx, is already benefiting from Google’s Infrastructure and Data Cloud technologies, such as Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL, helping the bank achieve greater cost efficiency, flexibility, and network scalability. As part of the extended partnership, SEB will use Google Cloud more broadly throughout the banking group to speed up its digitization efforts and provide new solutions to its customers.

Johan Torgeby, president and CEO of SEB, said in a statement: “The partnership will enable us to use data in a more intelligent way and speed up the creation of new innovative solutions for our customers. Google Cloud will be a key partner in our data journey, both on the infrastructure side and also as world-leading artificial intelligence experts.”

SEB will use Google Cloud across the company to:

  • Create innovative services in retail and corporate banking for customers based on data, analytics, and processing technologies.
  • Refine risk analysis through Google Cloud’s computational scalability.
  • Augment financial reporting capabilities by using Google Cloud’s data management tools.
  • Explore digital assistants to increase customer service levels and allow SEB employees to provide more qualified personal service to customers.
  • Collaborate on new innovative products and services to provide a better user experience for customers, like providing customers with improved sustainability transparency and savings offerings based on new data sets.


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