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SFM Magazine, Fall 2020:

  • Is It Time for the Dollar to Stop Being the World’s Leading Reserve Currency?
  • Is Eurex’s Lending CCP Succeeding in Expanding the Size of the Market?
  • The Impact of SFTR on Industry Data Analytics
  • Leveraged Mutual Funds as a Compelling Investor Option
  • Designing the Right Blockchain for Cross-border Securities Settlements
  • The Hunt for the Algorithms to Automate Securities Lending
  • Collateral Optimization as a Competitive Weapon
  • Natixis’s Bertrand Bordais, Global Head of MM Government Bond Repo of the Global Securities Financing team, on EU repo market conditions and the outlook for the coming year
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SFM Magazine, Spring 2020:

  • Limits to Central Bank Intervention
  • Introducing the Digital Collateral Protocol: the right blockchain for global settlements
  • The Joys of Tea, Crumpets and Software as a Service
  • EquiLend Delves into Collateral Trading and Exposure Management
  • Secured and Unsecured Funding: The Drive Towards Cross-Product Settlements Automation
  • Repo Liquidity as a Solution to (Un) cleared Derivatives Cash Margin Requirements
  • Agency Repo: A New Outsourced Option for Europe
  • The Next Level in Building Data-Driven Operational Efficiency
  • The Changing Role of the Hedge Fund Treasury Manager
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Spring 2020:

DTCC SUPPLEMENT: DTCC’s Transformation of the Global Trade Reporting Process

SFM Magazine, Fall 2019:

  • Best Execution in Buy-side Securities Lending Programs
  • Electronic RFQ Repo Markets and the Social Quest for Liquidity
  • Help Wanted: Buy-side Firm Seeks CCP Business Model for Securities Lending
  • Challenges in Adopting a Common Domain Model for Securities Finance
  • The Next Evolution of Electronic Repo Trading for the Sell-side and Buy-side
  • Treasury Collateral Balances Soar
  • An Opportunity for Market-led Reform in Equity-for-equity Collateral Exchanges
  • SFTR Peer Update: Where does Your Firm Stand in Getting Ready?
  • Connected Data: The Opportunity for Collateral and Liquidity Optimization
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Spring 2019:

  • No longer leading edge: Fully Paid Lending has entered the mainstream
  • Canadian banks in the global prime brokerage market
  • Next steps for market data in securities finance
  • Getting it right on delegated reporting in SFTR
  • The value of the repo CCP in Canada
  • Differentiate your technology platform
  • Does the European pledge model solve all ills?
  • In five years, 90% of funding will be done by machines
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Spring 2019:

DTCC SUPPLEMENT: Mastering the Client Side of SFTR

Download the Autumn 2018 issue here

SFM Magazine, Fall 2018:

  • Waiting for Godot, or, anticipating the US Net Stable Funding Ratio
  • Treating collateral trading as a business: Natixis’s test case
  • Regulatory changes and the need for collateral flexibility
  • Direct clearing: a new competitive differentiator for the buy-side
  • European regulatory reporting for a global audience
  • A framework for evaluating and prioritizing automation projects
  • Introducing the Semantic Blockchain in capital markets
  • Envisioning the next evolution of the securities finance industry
  • Electronic RFQ markets: what’s in it for dealers?
  • Europe is first to SFTR but won’t be last: expectations on the global rise of SFT reporting rules
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Summer 2018:

  • Is Securities Lending a Model for the Future of Repo Post-Trade Automation?
  • Emerging Market Debt Prepares for a Rocky Road Ahead
  • Top Five Trends in Collateral Management in 2018
  • The Next Evolutionary Step in US Tri-Party?
  • Electronic RFQ Repo Markets: The Solution for Reporting Challenges and Laying the Building Blocks for Automation
  • Managing Data Through Complexity: Business Evolution in the Machine Age
  • Regulatory Reporting Generates Huge Data Sets, but What Happens Next?
  • The Future of European Securities Lending: It’s Still About People
  • Addressing the Status Quo: Why is Securities Finance Under-served by Technology?
  • One Golden Source Data Repository is Necessary for Smart Regulation
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Winter 2018:

  • Are Changing Views of Credit Intermediation in the Best Interest of Beneficial Owners?
  • Is Asia coming of age in securities finance and collateral at last?
  • Securities finance as an alpha generator on the buy-side? A FISL NYC and London afternoon session
  • New US tax rules are creating a global arbitrage to avoid the 30% interest expense limit
  • Best practices for buy-side securities lending at FISL NYC and London – not just a good idea but important for revenues and risk management
  • Could LIBOR legally be a synthetic? The FCA says it’s time to take a close look
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a new, extraterritorial standard for client data protection
  • A New Model for Credit Risk Mitigation in Securities Lending
  • Is Blockchain the Right Way Forward for Securities Lending?

SFM Magazine, Winter 2018:

  • Will Protectionism Undo the Move Towards More Efficient Global Capital Markets?
  • SFTR, Trade Data Repositories and Transparency: An Industry Challenge from the Inside Out
  • The Changing Market Structure of Equity Repo Financing
  • The ‘Wriggle Parameter’ in Derivatives: Futures Pricing Formula Takes on New Importance
  • MiFID II and Best Execution in SFTs: A Happy Ending After All?
  • What’s the True Cost of Future Funding? A New Methodology for a Stock Borrow Rate Curve
  • The Changing Role of the Repo Trader
  • A Proposal for Smart Regulation in European SFT Markets
  • Revisiting the Importance of Inventory Management in Collateral and Liquidity
  • Elixium’s Stephen Malekian: All to All Will Be A New Pillar of the Collateral Trading Market
  • The Move to Cloud Born Microservices in Collateral Management
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence to Securities Finance
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Fall 2017:

  • An End to Quantitative Easing at Last?
  • Would a Blockchain Short Locate System Make Reg SHO Obsolete?
  • The US Securities Finance Market Structure and Vendor Landscape
  • Merging Financing Desks: What Do Clients Get Out of It?
  • Applications for Artificial Intelligence in Securities Finance and Collateral Management
  • Cost Optimisation Challenges for Asset Managers in 2017
  • A Framework for Build, Buy or Network in a Changing Market Environment
  • Towards a Central Collateral Utility: the Value Proposition of CSDs in Collateral Services
  • Surmounting the Onboarding Challenge in All to All Lending Markets
  • The Layering of Regulatory Cost on Securities Financial Transactions
  • Inefficiencies in Securities Lending Client Set Ups Can Be Solved With a Bit of Effort
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Summer 2017:

  • Coming Soon to Your Business: Disruptive Fintech in Capital Markets
  • A New Model for Counterparty Default Indemnification
  • Collaboration in the Collateral and Securities Finance Markets – the Pirum View and Strategy for Moving Forward
  • The Five Cs of Bank and Client Success in Securities Finance
  • Next Steps for Hedge Funds in Cost Management
  • Building a Holistic Collateral Infrastructure
  • The Business Case for Tri-Party Repo Flexibility
  • Time for the Buy-side to Take Collateral Responsibility in Securities Finance
  • Synthetic Securities Finance Can Unlock the Key to More Financing Supply… If Inventory Is Well Managed
  • Collateral Opportunities for Investors
  • Collateralised Financing for the Real Economy
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine (Technology Special), Winter 2017:

  • From Standardisation to Diversity: the State of Agency Securities Lending
  • Securities Finance: A Source of New Liquidity Options
  • When Seeking to Reduce Fees, Every Basis Point Counts
  • Asset Managers on Collateral Management in Securities Lending: Survey Results and Best Practices
  • Sponsor Interviews: Why Participate in Finadium’s Investors in Securities Lending Conferences?

SFM Magazine (Technology Special), Winter 2017:

  • Deharmonization of Global Financial Regulations: Could the Basel World Fall Apart?
  • Is Government Debt the Source of the Next Collateral Crisis?
  • Why Securities Lending Indemnification Matters to Beneficial Owners
  • Trends at Collateral Management Technology Vendors
  • Towards a Centralized Exchange for Collateral
  • Building Infrastructure for Collateral Optimization
  • Margin Optimization and the Cost of the Trade
  • Rethinking Securities Finance Technology – Beyond Automated and Manual
  • Bank Repo Spreads are Widening, but Do Clients Have to Pay the Bill? Here is the Elixium Alternative
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Summer 2016:

  • Intelligence in Securities Finance: Where Is It Going?
  • The Real Innovation: From Banks To CCPs To CSDs, Blockchain Will Change The Business Of Credit Intermediation
  • The Future Of Balance Sheet Usage For European Securities Finance
  • “To Boldly Go”: Keeping A Close Eye On Securities Lending For Asset Holders
  • Regime Change! The Democratization Of The Clearing Landscape
  • Trade Date Transparency = Capital Savings
  • Agent Lenders And Prime Brokers: Best Price Or Best Relationship?
  • How Eurex’s New Buy-Side Membership Model (ISA Direct) Helps To Address Structural Problems Resulting From The Changing Structure Of The Marketplace
  • The SA-CCR For The Leverage Ratio: Why It Matters And What Needs To Happen Next
  • Most read stories online

SFM Magazine (Technology Special), Winter 2016:

  • EquiLend’s NGT: A case study
  • Collateral and Liquidity Data Management: the next big challenge for financial institutions
  • Optimizing Securities Lending Collateral Management Across Cash and Non-cash
  • Collateral Technology Vendors on the Move: impacts to securities finance and OTC derivatives
  • Whatever Happened to Operational Risk?
  • From Back Office to Enterprise: Asia gets ready to transform its collateral management
  • The Mystique of Blockchain: should participants in the collateralized trading markets take it seriously?
  • The Benefits of Regulation for Blockchain Technology
  • Most read stories online

SFM Magazine, Fall 2015:

  • The Messy Evolution of Securities Finance in Banking
  • Asset Managers, General Collateral and Revenue Expectations for Securities Lending
  • Prime Brokerage and Balance Sheet Optimisation: Lessons from The Societe Generale Experience
  • How Far Should CCP Liquidation Sets Go?
  • Funds Transfer Pricing and the Quest for Term Funding: Working Towards New Solutions
  • Best of the Web

SFM Magazine, Summer 2015:

  • The Buy-side Breaks Into Securities Finance CCPs
  • A European Regional Perspective on Market Reform and Growth
  • Rising Performance in European Securities Lending Markets – The Supply and Demand Effects of QE and HQLA
  • Allocating Resources to a Repo Business: The Tools Banks Use
  • Securities Lending: Follow The Money to Find The Liquidity
  • The Growth of the Utility Model in Financing, Clearing and Collateral Management
  • Repo and the Net Stable Funding Ratio: The Push Toward Long-Term Funding
  • Strategies for Securities Finance Business
  • When Smaller is Better: New Opportunities for Mid-Sized Brokers and Agent Lenders
  • The Impacts of T2S on Collateral and Liquidity
  • A Target Operating Model for Non-Cleared Derivatives

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