SIX Securities Services doubles international Repo currency offering

October 1 2012

SIX Securities Services, Switzerland’s post-trade services provider, announced that starting today it will offer international Repo services for an additional 5 currencies, bringing the total offering to 10 currencies. The new currencies are the New Zealand Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Swedish Krona, Danish Krone and Norwegian Krone.

In response to market demand, Switzerland’s post-trade market infrastructure, SIX Securities Services today announced that its Repo product will go live with an additional five international currencies.

The currencies – NZD, AUD, SEK, NOK and DKK – join the existing international Repo currencies provided by SIX Securities Services, namely, the Euro, Sterling, the US and Canadian Dollars as well as the Japanese Yen.

SIX Securities Services also provides domestic Repo services denominated in Swiss Franc for the Swiss National Bank and for the interbank market.

The international Repo service provided by SIX Securities Services is a real-time service designed to enhance market liquidity. The service allows clients to refinance their transactions, establish arbitrage services and select high quality collateral while leaving them free to choose their preferred counterparty.

“Choice and flexibility are key elements of our internationalization strategy,” explains Thomas Zeeb, CEO SIX Securities Services, “And it is with this in mind that we continue to expand our markets, our services and now, in the case of international Repo, our range of currencies.”

“As an infrastructure provider, it is our role to support our clients so that they can more efficiently manage their business and exposures, and in this regard I am convinced that our clients and the market will benefit significantly from this expanded offering, both domestically and abroad”, concludes Thomas Zeeb.

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