SLT: OneChicago Jan 2014 trading volume surpasses 600k

OneChicago, an equity finance exchange, saw trading volume of 613,613 in January.

The announcement closely follows OneChicago’s launch of OCX. Weekly futures, part of the exchange’s NoDivRisk futures product suite.

Pending regulatory approval, OneChicago will be releasing its physically settled OCX weekly futures product with next day settlement for the stock delivery upon expiration.

In January, open interest stood at 582,396 contracts on the equity finance exchange at close-of-market. There were 600,027 exchange futures for exchange futures for physicals (EFPs) and blocks were traded.

January EFPs and blocks activity represented $2.7 billion in notional value.

Tom McCabe, COO at OneChicago, said: “Our customers are finding value in carrying their equity positions using the capital efficiency provided by single stock futures. Customers are learning that the Delta One single stock future is a more capital efficient substitute for the underlying stock without the variable risk of options or the counterparty exposure of OTC swaps.”

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