S&P Global’s long/short report shows short interest increase for global and APAC equities in September

Over the past month, short interest increased across global equities and APAC equities. Across fixed income assets, government bond utilization decreased by 2 basis points (bps) month-on-month (mom) and corporate bond utilization decreased by 5bps (value of implied short positions vs value of institutional longs).

  • Global equities short interest increased by 14bps over the month. REITs, financial services and transport remained the most shorted sectors.
  • Across North American equities, short interest decreased by 8bps over the month. The largest increase in short interest was seen across the consumer durables sector.
  • Short interest across equities in the APAC region increased to 0.72% during the month. Short interest increased across the automobile and componenents (+24bps) and the pharmaceutical (+16bps) sectors.
  • Across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), short interest declined to 18bps. The most shorted sector by far was the real estate and property management.

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