SWIFT white paper on liquidity risk management

The highlights:

“An industry-wide collaborative approach to developing better business practices around intraday cash positions in particular can complement the work at an individual bank level and ensure more consistency in implementation – reducing costs and improving efficiencies.”

The survey found that there is a lack of:
— A view on intraday cash position across currencies (93%)
— Ready-made liquidity risk analytics and business intelligence (91%)
— Advanced interactive cash and collateral management functionalities within payments infrastructures (89%)
— An ability to build predictive positions (88%)
— An intraday view of unencumbered collateral positions including margin calls (88%)
— An ability to manage and report liquidity positions at a firm-wide level (82%)

More at http://www.swift.com/dsp/resources/documents/WP_managing_liquidity_risk.pdf

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