UK crowdfunding platform Seedrs launches investment bot

Online investment platform Seedrs announced the launch of full customization in its AutoInvest product. Investors are able to select their personal investment criteria and the product will build them a portfolio of early-stage private companies automatically.

First launched in July 2018, there have been over 4,000 individual investments using AutoInvest in beta mode, with 80 different companies who raised funds on Seedrs in the past 7 months benefiting from the product.

Previously, investments on equity crowdfunding platforms were entirely on a self-directed basis, with investors handpicking each individual campaign to invest in. Now, they can select the amount they would like to invest per-campaign, customize preferences from 17 sectors, including finance and payments, and the product then automatically invests based on the criteria they have chosen.

One of the largest challenger banks, Revolut, is a Seedrs alumni, having raised £3.8 million ($5mn) in August 2017 on the platform from 4,260 investors as part of a $66 million Series B round.

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